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Treadmill Desk
Treadmill Desk

Classic 32" Treadmill Desk - Leather theme

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A simple way to stay active without changing your lifestyle!

Fits treadmills 26” to 32” handlebars' end-to-end (outside measurement)
Stays firmly in place, yet easily detachable if needed
Easy installation, no tools are required
Ships 1-2 business days plus transit time
Please check the Measurement Guide tab before buying

    Leather theme - Classic 32” Removable Treadmill Desk

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Charcoal Wave

Diamond Grey
Metallic Blue - Walk with Me
Metallic Blue

Retro Light

Misty Hills

Classic Road

Pier theme

  •      32" x 11.5" sturdy desk station with protected edges
  •       Adapts up to a 20° angle for treadmills with slanted handles  
  •          Adjustable straps that fit handles from 4.5” to 13” in circumference or perimeter
  •       Laptop stand improves typing experience and viewing comfort
  •       Holds up to a 17" laptop, any tablet or phone 

  • If you have a wider treadmill, we suggest our “Classic Plus”, which fits treadmills up to 34" wide. 

    For a bigger treadmill, our adjustable “Pro-XT Plus” is designed to fit treadmills between 31” up to 40" in width. 

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